Social Distancing vs. Self-Quarantine vs. Self Isolation: Which is it?

In the days of the Novel Coronavirus, nicknamed COVID-19, we’ve heard the terms “social distancing”, “self-quarantine” and “self-isolation” being thrown around and used interchangeably even, in some parts. It wasn’t until someone commented on a pic of mine and asked if I was quarantined, that I decided I needed some clarity on what each term meant.

If you’re like me, then this article will help! Read on!


Social Distancing

If you haven’t heard by now, or made a post on social media about being stuck at home, then you aren’t doing social distancing right! Jokes.

The initiative is in an effort to “flatten the curve”.

As it states in this article by, “The goal is to prevent the number of cases from exceeding the capacity of the health care system on any given day. If the health care system gets overwhelmed, more deaths could occur not just from COVID-19 but from other diseases as well. Remember, other diseases don’t decide to take a break just because SARS-CoV2 is spreading. In fact, all of the associated stress could exacerbate other diseases.”

By doing this, people are being asked to “stay home”, “shelter in place” and in Jamaica, “tan a yuh yaad” and if you have to be in public spaces for any time, exercise safe but efficient sanitization practices and maintain a distance of 6ft apart between yourself and the next person.

Self Quarantine

So you MIGHT have the virus and you’re showing similar symptoms to those of the coronavirus. Or maybe you have not started showing symptoms, but at this point, it is IMPORTANT that you self isolate. This requires staying home and staying put for a minimum of 14 days! Avoid contact with everyone. No visitors, just so you don’t pass on the virus to anyone else and will give you some time to figure out if your symptoms are from the virus or not.

Your local health authorities would require a phone call to be alerted of your condition so they can monitor you as well. Below is Jamaica’s hotlines to call in.

Self Isolation

So its confirmed. You got the Rona. This sucks majorly but no need to panic. You just have to keep to yourself and keep away from everyone until you get over it. And you will, don’t fret!

This very informative video illustrates how to self isolate during the coronavirus pandemic:

At this point the relevant health care professionals are monitoring your condition closely to ensure a full and speedy recovery!

And when you do recover, you can say you survived the 2020 pandemic that was the NOVEL CORONAVIRUS!

What next?

During this time of social distancing and isolation from friends and family, where cabin fever pitch runs high and your skin itches to go frolic outside, DON’T…just DON’T give in! Here is an article to help you pass the time with 15 awesome activities to engage in!

Hope this helped to clarify the difference between social distancing, quarantine and isolation.

Until next time.


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