Pinkpeachhh’s Post COVID Top 5 List of places I’m planning to visit!

If wanderlust was ever a year, it would be 2020! Plans made as part of New Years resolutions and even in the few months following have all been put on hold as the world shifted its focus and closed it’s doors to halt the spread of the coronavirus. So while everyone is stuck at home and adventurers pang for the thrills and journeys of adventure, their pictures of adventures past stalk social media and new plans are made.

The same is true for me. I made plans… soooo many plans and they’ve all been put on the back burner, but here are a few, listed below, of where I’d love to go when they’ve opened the gates.

5. Some salt water! The beach…

With how easily the virus can be passed on in large groups of people, the Government of Jamaica has closed all public beaches and banned gathering in groups of 10 or more… the introvert in me celebrates, while the extrovert is clawing to be let out. I’m used to getting some sand, sea and sun on a regular basis, in two or all three combinations of the trio, but for a whole month the restrictions have prevented this.

One of my first stops when the restrictions lift is some sand-sea-sun therapy! Soaking in the beautiful Caribbean Sea!

4. Cafe Hopping

Because of the nature of my “job”, I can work from almost anywhere, but nothing gets me in the mood to be productive like working from a cafe. I LOVE CAFES! The more boutique the better! The more personality, the more I feel at home! I’m usually spotted in a few around Kingston and St. Andrew and guess who can’t wait for them to open up again? Me… ME! I CANNOT WAIT! And I’m gonna visit as much of them as I can find, even if it’s to do nothing but enjoy a cuppa coffee and a freshly baked pastry. I’m also revisiting to the ones I used to frequent as well, because they have been my homes away from home.

3. YS Falls

*Covers face* I’ve never been. Not on a church trip, not on a family trip, not on a school trip. It was however, on a plan I had for March 2020 and BRAPS!!! … here came Corona. So this plan is pushed back and hopefully YS Falls will be there when the coronavirus leaves and the falls opens up once again!

2. A Vacation (Villa or Hotel stay)

I need a vacation from this isolation… except I don’t wanna go back to isolation after the vacation is over. I live in a small home with four(4) VERY STRONG individual personalities… very different from when I lived on my own. I need a break… or maybe it’s a change. Definitely a change, but until I can make it permanent, I need a break. Some quiet time, some privacy, some alone time, some interaction with OTHER people.

I understand this is not a reality for other people. Being able to live with family, to have them around, to have them to talk to. I am blessed to have them all here, but its also a struggle… I cannot deny that.

So an all inclusive hotel room, or a villa, with a few friends… to chill and have some fun, eat some good food…

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1. The JSAERE Tour

I know. It’s shameful. Especially if you’re close to me and know how LONG I’ve been planning to go. For those who aren’t that close to me, years. It’s been years I’ve been planning to go but it never works out. NEVER. Hope is not lost however, I’ll be there shortly *fingers crossed*

Where to Next?!

This is only part of my list, there are sooooo many more places to visit! When they finally let the floodgates open, where would you like to go? I’d love to hear of all the places and suggestions of places for me to visit as well! Who doesn’t love a good adventure?! Drop those comments and suggestions below! And see you soon!

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  1. I am currently living outside of Jamaica and was really looking forward to our annual summer trip to my sun-drenched island this July, where we always have a family beach trip to a different location each year. I’m still not losing hope because July is still more than 60 days away and (fingers crossed), all these restrictions and lock downs might be over by then. If that happens, we’ll visit Boston beach in Portland, the group has never been and a smaller contingent of my immediate family will also visit YS Falls. Plus, I wanted to check out the #JSAERE this year too. We’ll see what happens. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. You are most welcome! I do hope you and your family get to come in July and this virus is gone. Boston Beach is lovely and the jerk stop is also right there! A great combo experience! YS Falls and The JSAERE are also great! Jamaica awaits your visit!

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  2. Great list! But no Jamaican waterfalls?

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    1. Hey! YS Falls is a waterfalls/water park set up… couldn’t find a falls pic that didn’t have a swimsuit lady in it. But my full list contains sooo many waterfalls it’s ridiculous. I’m gonna be swimming across Jamaica when this is over

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  3. Ha! I share your sentiments Vanessa. I’m going to be swimming in and around Jamaica as soon as this is over. I also want to explore more of southern Jamaica. I relocated to Mandeville last year for work, thinking I’d use my free time to explore parts of Jamaica I’d never seen before like the hills of Christiana and even the south coast like Treasure Beach. Now one year is almost passed and I’ve not accomplished that. I spend most of my free weekends in Kingston, so I haven’t really left my comfort zone. Thus, I’ve taken this time to create a list of all the places in this side of Jamaica which I’d love to see. I think I’ll start off with Noisy River Falls since it’s just half hour from where I currently live.

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    1. Treasure Beach is nice! I wanna go there again, explore more and also visit Alligator Pond. Where is Noisy River Falls?

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      1. It’s in a district called Oxford in north Manchester


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