12 Essentials Hotel Room Items

On my recent visits to hotels, resorts and villas, I realized that certain things I considered essential were just not present. One room was so basic, I thought they did not prepare the room AT ALL! With local and holiday travel on the rise, it is essential to ensure the comfort of the guests that choose your place to stay, so I have outlined the 12 essential items I believe every guest room should have. As a guide, as my list might not be so extensive, imagine a room you would have to spend two nights in, then prepare the room with all the amenities you have thought of.

1. WiFi

I’m not even kidding. I understand if you are going for an off the beaten track, escape from technology, immerse into nature vibe, but if any at all possible, provide internet service. If at its least, it provide some sense of tether to the outside world if needed.

2. Power Outlets and Adequate Lighting

Travelers come toting a wide range of devices and gadgets nowadays, including computers and tablets, phones, cameras, and content creators pack on even more, and they ALL must be charged. So imagine my dismay when a hotel room lack more than two outlets for guest use! And the ones that are there are taken up by lamps, room phones and even a radio. And bedside outlets too! So many people use their smartphones as alarm clocks or use their phones in bed. It should not be bothersome to have your phone or laptop plugged in in arms reach. Hotels, this should be a standard feature in your rooms.

Also, if you cannot ensure sufficient natural lighting, ensure that when all the lights are on in the room, your guests don’t feel like they are searching in the dark!

3. A Mini Fridge

Especially if you’re not an all-inclusive, and even then, when a guest has food that they have brought with them to their room, more than likely, they’ll need a fridge to keep their beverage cool or their food stuff from going bad. And as a bonus, provide ice (or icetrays) and cups. Throw in a kettle for good measure.

4. Working AC unit

Thank heavens this has not been a major issue for me, but I’ve heard the horror stories from other travelers. Especially in a tropical climate, no one wants to be sweating while they sleep… unless its a sweat lodge and even then, you’re not sleeping, right? Provide a cool comfortable room with a proper ac unit that works efficiently for your guests and ensure comfortable sleep while they stay with you. I have been in rooms where I’ve opted for the ac unit off because the fan worked so well, but I’m glad that the ac unit was an option.

5. Television and Cable

Way too often there have been TVs without proper working cable… like what’s the point? I have been to villas and hotels with no television sets and that was perfectly fine, but if you opt to include a television set, at least ensure it works for the duration of your guests’ stay.

6. Twin or King?

Many of the rooms I’ve slept with either had a King or two twin beds with the option of being a bigger bed. Especially when you are booking and assigning guests to a room, ensure that they are comfortable with the sleeping arrangements. Two people on a double bed who are not a couple equals an uncomfortable situation for one or both individuals.

Hope House Jakes Hotel St Elizabeth Jamaica
PinkPeachhh Living her best life!

7. Extra Bedding

This includes pillows, blankets or comforters. Not everyone’s comfort level is the same. Ensuring these extra amenities are on hand for your guests will ensure that their sleep is comfortable and trust me, it’s one of the most memorable experiences they’ll remember from their stay.

Kanopi House Bed Portland Jamaica

8. Warm Water

outdoor shower Kanopi House

Best believe this is not available in every hotel room in existence. Thank heavens this was not my experience because… I don’t know what would happen.

9. Bathroom Essentials

I can only laugh at how ridiculously under prepared some bathrooms are in this regard.

  • Toilet Paper- At least two rolls are required…seriously
  • Bath soap AND hand soap
  • Shampoo and Conditioner… even a little bottle of each
  • Towels and Rags- two per room occupancy

10. Tables/ Desks/ Side Tables

It is a sad reality that this had to be mentioned. I was recently in a room that had no table whatsoever. Two chairs, the TV on a stand, a chaise and the bed… NO TABLE in any form. I’m still shook!

11. Iron, Iron Board and Full Length Mirror

Chances are your guests would like to check out their look before leaving the room, this is when a full length mirror would help. Hang on the back of a door or add a decorative one on an empty wall and your guests will step confidently from their rooms and it will add to the comfort of their stay.

12. Waste Basket

Guests will accumulate some type of garbage during their stay, whether its for one night or longer. Don’t keep them guessing as to where to throw their trash. A nice, easily accessed garbage bin takes the guess work out of the whole situation and helps to keep your guests and room a little tidier.

Anything else?

As bonus, instructions on how to use the devices in the rooms, WiFi passwords, menus and other necessary instruction in easy to find places and easy to read graphics will make your guest feeling like they’ve experienced a five star hotel even if its for one night!

Hospitality is KEY and once you’ve ensured these essentials are provided in each guest room, your guest’s level of comfort will be most memorable and they will more than likely encourage others to experience the same.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Great and very feasible list for hotel businesses Vanessa! I’ll like to add that the sheets have to be very clean. I lodged at a hotel with dirty sheets once and it wasn’t nice.

    Hospitality companies need to take a class from ya. This is detailed.


    1. Oh my goshhhh. Dirty sheets HAVE TO BE THE WORST! Thank heavens I’ve never had that experience… I would not be able to sleep in that room!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. SHANIPANI says:

    Great post indeed! Having all these essentials would greatly impact the hotel experience! Warm water is essential indeed lol, love that one!

    Liked by 1 person

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