12 Christmas Gifts for Your Favourite Foodie

It is written in the bible that the people who love food are the best kind of people… the foodie bible that is! So, as the day approaches for the ultimate exchange of Christmas gifts, you must be wondering, panicking even, what are the best gifts to get your favourite foodie! As foodies, we relish personalized items that make us feel that we are considered and valued for our foodie opinions, reviews, creations and discoveries. AND we ABSOLUTELY LOVE being gifted foodie related things!

If you’re hungry, this list is sure to do you in. It’s packed with all the foodie delights that are sure to have your mouth watering by the time we’ve gotten through all twelve (12) items of this foodie Christmas gift guide.

1. Pink ApronBuild Your Own Christmas Meal Kits

I have always believed that Pink Apron’s food was made by the hand of God! And anyone who has tasted it are so inclined to agree!

This is a boxed idea of a catered Christmas dinner and with all that’s happening in the world right now, is a FANTASTIC IDEA! Firstly, orders close in 2 days… December 14 (pick up is the 22nd – 24th of Dec), so if this is what you are going to gift your foodie with, NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER! The box includes dishes that range from appetizers to entrees to desserts and even Pink Apron items. Level of difficulty? Zilch. Everything has instructions and you cannot go wrong. Wanna host a foodie party instead… this is what you’d need!

2. Holiday Gift Box #2 (or #1) from Wine and Cookies Ja

What do you get someone that loves wine? More wine. And something to enjoy with it. So this gift would be PERFECT! This curated box comes with two bottles of wine, 1 Mala Vida Red Wine, 1 bottle of Cava Sutra Sparkling Wine (my favourite), 2 boxes of cookies from Lia’s Sweet Side, all neatly packaged, decorated and wrapped in a cute white wooden box!

3. Outland Hurders Grazing Board

What better gift to give a foodie friend who is a lover of wine? Cheese… or better yet, a whole charcuterie board with cheeses made with the perfect pairings for Christmas! This grazing board not only has fruits and meats and crackers or breads on it, but sports three different types of cheese; Jamaican Jerk, Half and Half, and Red Maroon! Each cheese has distinctive flavours and one even has note of Jamaica’s favourite Christmas drink!

(Photos courtesy of Outland Hurders)

4. Gift Certificate from Simo’s Bread and Catering at The Commissary!

The Commissary is a little kiosk located in Devon House, jam packed with foodie delights made by Simo’s Bread and Catering and a few other artisans. They even have non food items that a foodie would ABSOLUTELY LOVE as well! Get a gift certificate for your favourite foodie to go and splurge on what their heart desires!

5. Pure Chocolate Chocolate Bars

One of my many goals is to receive AT LEAST one of every chocolate bar and item Pure Chocolate has in stock… no lies! Their flavour infusions are unique and all locally sourced and made, even the artwork on the packages are by a local artist! For Christmas, they’ve created these snackables and I am so excited to try them ALLLLL! Your favourite foodie loves food and who doesn’t love gifts of chocolate?!

6. Ceramics from Baughaus Design Studio

Your foodie loves pretty pictures of food… I’m sure of it. And even further, they love the plates these foods are served in. Give the gift of beautifully handcrafted ceramics from Baughaus!

7. Sushi Platter from Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine

Now let me tell you something. For me, this platter would not last the half hour I assume it would take the average person to finish it, but the memory of experiencing it, at least once in my lifetime? WILL LAST FOREVER! You would be my best friend. I would always thank you for the experience. As a foodie, I WOULD LOVE THIS!

Sora Japanese allows you to choose rolls from their menu and you choose the display you prefer. Maybe the platter? Maybe the boat. Who knows? Any option is sure to become lodged in the heart and mind of your favourite foodie I am sure!

8. Coffee from Cafe Blue

Chances are you favourite foodie is a coffee drinker… well TADA! I AM! Lolol. For real though, because coffee is such a versatile product, even if they don’t drink it, the can use it in their cooking or baking or even in skin care. Add this to some gift wrap and bless your foodie friend with warm aromas from the hills of Jamaica Blue Mountain!

9. Likkle Tea and their repertoire of Loose Leaf teas

Your favourite foodie is NOT A COFFEE DRINKER? GASPPPP! But that’s ok and I got you! Say hello to Likkle Tea and their wide variety of specially curated loose leaf teas that are sure to give your foodie a warm smile on their face and a warm feel of a hug. With flavours like Orange Chestnut Toffee, they will surely want to curl up in front of the tv screen with their favourite Hallmark movie and a warm cup of tea in hand.

10. DeafCan Swag Boxes

The foodie community is all about food and support and what better way than get behind a great foodie cause for the deaf community! DeafCan is now making SWAG BOXES! and I’m here for it all day every day! Create a specially curated DeafCan Swag Box to include ready to bake scones and/or cookies, DeafCan branded mugs or snag one of their branded T-shirts for your favourite foodie and their favourite cause! Imagine enjoying Christmas themed treats made by and for a worthy cause!

(Photos courtesy of DeafCan Jamaican)

11. Bambusa Jamaica… anything really…

This company has really stepped up to the batting plate and diversified what they can offer as gift items for your favourite foodie. Browse their catalogue and choose the perfect gift for that special person. Even better, get it engraved with your foodie’s name. They’ll love you even more for it!

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12. MillyZo Designs beautiful boards!

This is not something you eat, but instead something you eat (or drink) from and trust me, your foodie will love it! Picture this, you’re about to sit down to a meal with this friend but they’re taking a ton load of pictures and the food is getting cold. Yeah, we tend to do that. And that’s mostly because of what we’re about to eat but also partially because of what the food sits on and a beautiful piece of wooden platter or charcuterie board is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. Choose their favourite colour, slap a nice gift wrap on it and be ready to tell everyone where you got that beautiful gift for your friend!


Chocollor Chocolate Bars!

Again, who wouldn’t want chocolate as gifts? These are actually available all year round, so don’t limit your potential to gift chocolate “just because” or even celebrations like birthdays and congratulations!

Wrap It Up!

I surely hope something from this list of twelve items becomes the gift you give to a lover of food. I speak on their behalf that they will love it till the end of time.

Any item that you choose, choose with love and have a great time with the options. With less than two (2) weeks to go till Christmas Day, I do hope this gift guide makes it a whole lot easier to decide.

Much love and Merry Christmas!


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  1. Eat with Tina Chai says:

    Wow! This is the perfect foodie gift guide! Can I get them all. haha


  2. Is Pink Apron like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. With their Christmas Meal Boxes, yes. They’re primarily a catering company with a food truck and they do food events. In this box there are things that are already prepared and just need reheating

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh, these are all great! I’d love to try the chocolates included on this list. Jamaica has a fledgling cocoa and artisan chocolate industry which is one to watch.

    Liked by 1 person

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