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Jamaican Easter Bun

Top 6 Easter buns Jamaicans eat at Easter Time!

While Easter means the same thing universally, in Jamaica, it also heralds in the beginning of bun season. It’s a right of passage really, to eat Easter bun at Easter time in Jamaica. It’s the same vibe as sorrel and Christmas cake at Christmas, something fish (more like sprat) at Easter as well and mangoes…

Pizza Party with JustLexiSimple

There are few things that excite me like the promise of a party with pizzas, wine, great vibes and good friends. So when Lexi invited me, I looked forward with eager anticipation and equal parts of exhilaration, especially because “outside” is opening up bit by bit and I get to be around friends again! I’m…

Sushi and Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine!

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, what more could you want than your favourite comfort food? That’s how I ended up at Sora Japanese Sky Cuisine. Located at the very top floor of the main building on Phoenix Avenue, it is where I found myself seeking my favourite Japanese dish, sushi. I have always liked oriental…

Hugged by Smoke & Kissed by Fire

RibKage’s Pig Roast: Food made with LOVE On the last Wednesday of every month, RibKage Grill plays host to a unique foodie opportunity: an award winning buffet style pig roast and community dining. That is where myself and two friends headed to, on a busy evening, the last Wednesday in August. The dining began promptly…

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