ABOUT WhatsNewOnTheMenu

WhatsNewOnTheMenu is a journey chronicled through vibrant, mouth-watering images and honest to goodness testimonials of curator PinkPeachhh (Vanessa Hartley). Friends would ask whats the new place to eat at, or “I feel for “x”, where can I get it?” or “where’s a good place for a group to eat on a xxx budget?” and that’s when I realised that my dining experiences were coming in handy for people who wanted to know. So in 2018, the IG blog started.

One year later, after the ethnic fatigue of the false start wore off, I restarted with an increased hunger and haven’t slowed down since. I’ve always loved cooking, got that bit from my mom, but my food curiosity grew when I could afford to eat out… hahahaha. I wanted to see what was out there and who was serving it up best and who wasn’t. And that has now developed into the meat of the matter of what WhatsNewOnTheMenu is about.

Working on taking the next step, I continue to share my culinary journeys, large or small, good or bad, with ANYONE who is willing to listen and don’t mind salivating at stomach grumble inducing pictures. From the folks who want to know where to go to find what they crave, to the restaurants who want to hear what their customer’s culinary experience was like.

So continue to journey with me, as I follow my belly, to find whats new on the menu!

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