Top 6 Easter buns Jamaicans eat at Easter Time!

While Easter means the same thing universally, in Jamaica, it also heralds in the beginning of bun season. It’s a right of passage really, to eat Easter bun at Easter time in Jamaica. It’s the same vibe as sorrel and Christmas cake at Christmas, something fish (more like sprat) at Easter as well and mangoes during mango season. It’s ingrained in the genetics of every Jamaican, during Easter time, one most eat Easter bun!

Don’t be misinformed though, bun is served up year round in Jamaica. The round bun, bran bun and spice bun line shelves throughout the year, but during Easter time, bun takes on a different persona.

What is Jamaican Easter Bun?

For all those who have NO IDEA what I’m talking about, the Jamaican Easter bun is a staple to the majority of Jamaican households and is consumed in great quantities during the months of March and April, the Easter time. To explain it to someone who doesn’t know what to expect, its a sweet bread that has many different variants, based on the baker’s preference. When baked, it resembles the colour of banana bread, a nutmeg brown interior and exterior and in some cases decorated with added fruits and candies even.

Whatever you add to your recipe, Easter bun MUST be moist, packed with flavour and more than likely has stout and molasses in it. Some people enjoy the mixed peel that is added to their recipes, others don’t enjoy the dried fruit ingredient at all! If you’re a raisin lover, then its a must have in your bun loaf, and some prefer a bun undecorated. Whichever way you choose, bun is a must! And we’re talking about the loaf here!

easter bun and pepsi

Why do Jamaicans eat bun at Easter?

Hot cross buns!
Hot cross buns!
One a penny, two a penny,
Hot cross buns!

If you have no daughters,
Give them to your sons.
One a penny two a penny,
Hot cross buns!

A tradition brought to the island by the British in 1650s, hot cross buns were eaten during the Lenten season to symbolize the crucifixion of Christ. Like many traditions brought to Jamaica by other cultures, the hot cross bun has developed to the sweet bread we know and love.

Mi love bun (again the loaf)! And my goal every year is to taste one bun from the MANY different bun bakeries that offer it up, but I’ve never been able to… yet! Maybe 2021 will be the year I accomplish this, who knows!

What kind of cheese for Jamaican Easter bun?

Bun is also synonymous with cheese in Jamaica but in my opinion can be eaten with anything. The most popular choice is orange wedged slices of Tastees Cheddar cheese, but of course, the cheese choice is clearly up to people’s preference.

Top 6! Top 6!

Many different companies offer easter buns for sale. Production is ramped up just to accomodate the demand on the market. Lunch kits for kids are stocked, staff is gifted with buns and everywhere that sells anything food, has shelves and kiosks lined top to bottom, stacked high with the sweet and savoury easter treat. While there are SEVERAL options to choose from, there are only a few I personally enjoy and would recommend you try!

6. Miss Birdie Bun

Yooooo, this bun! Moist, full of fruits and absolutely enjoyable when you eat a slice from a freshly baked bun!

5. Whitfield Bakery

I haven’t seen them much on the market from Easter 2020 due to this whole COVID19 pandemic but of all the encounters I’ve had with this bun, I have never been disappointed! Looking forward to finding them in the buns that linger after the season has passed. I just feel its a right of passage for me!

4. Yummy

I thoroughly enjoyed partaking in these bun slices last year. So fresh and moist and just the right amount of flavour. I quite enjoy fruits in my bun, from raisins to the mixed peel. It’s the whole experience for me. Looking forward to more this year.

3. Maxfield Bakery Bun

Another right of passage bun is definitely Maxfield Bakery bun… with Boysie (an old Jamaican tv show). This bun taste like what I would have when I’d visit my grandma back when I was a kid. Not so filled with mixed peel (candied fruits), this bun is filled with raisins and I love that!

2. HTB Bun

The maverick on the market, its the preferred bun of choice for many people. Their spiced buns are available year round and their round buns are some of the most popular enjoyed throughout the year. These slices sandwich perfectly with cheese, butter and even Jamaican patties… yes I said, patties. It is one of my favourite ways to enjoy them.

1. National Bakery

The leading bakery in Jamaica… providing the nation with most of the baked snacks and pastries available to man, National Bakery, of course, would also be the lead supplier of Easter Bun every season! Moist, rich in flavour, full of raisins and some with mixed peel, this bun is a favourite for many.

Bun season starts for some at the beginning of Lent and some never stop eating bun year round (IT MEEEEE!). Whether you choose to sample one, or have them all, I do hope you find the one your heart, and stomach prefer! Have a go and support them all, as much as you can. Each bun usually runs around $300+ tax and up depending on size and complexity of ingredients.

Let me know which you have eaten and which you prefer AND which ones you are looking to try out for 2021 in the comments below.

Until next time!

Peach Out!


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