12 Gifts of Giftmas!

With less than TWO WEEKS to go till wrapping papers are pulled from carefully packaged presents, you might not have finished shopping for those special people as yet. There’s no need to worry! I have made a list and checked it twice for gift ideas for people who have made your Nice list this year! I have also included links to the pages where you will find all these amazing l gifts for him and her!

1. Bella’s Beautique Christmas Collection

Anything from her line of products really! Her nail polishes are all local made, YES Jamaica’s FIRST nail polish brand! They have fun and interesting Jamaican names or phrases and the colours are spectacular! Application and finish is smoooooooooth and they dry to gorgeous brilliant colours.

Her new Christmas Collection includes shimmer and sparkle and are sure to dazzle when you paint them on! Plus these colours will be appropriate all year round. Its been years since the launch of her neon yellow/green polish called Punchinella Little Yellow and its still a summer polish favourite! My current favs are Christmas Coral, Midnight Mass, Duh Road, Sky Juice and Bloodcl***t Red. Newly released Everyting Peachy (IYKYK) has got to be my all time favourte though for obvious not-so-obvious reasons!

2. Poly Pryce Chic Design Earrings

Gorgeously crafted earrings made from polymer clay and made locally, are perfect as gifts for your favourite classy lady! Intricate designs and stunning colours will adorn her face and complement her outfit in the most perfect way!

If your lady is like me, and has a deep love for beautifully designed earrings, this is definintely a gift you should get!

3. Jianbe Bamboo and Wooden Watches

You simply cannot miss this opportunity to gift a beautifully crafted bamboo or wooden watch for both him and for her!

These beautifully crafted pieces are available locally, just check their website for details! There is currently a 20% discount applied if you sign up for their newsletter!

4. Rachael Lane Candles and Soaps

These holiday themed candles and soaps are just the items you need for stocking stuffers are as a full gift box under the tree for your favourite person!

The scents and aromas are only a third of the experience, as the way they make your body, mind and skin feel is truly magical and they are also very pretty to look at! The person who receives these items, will truly feel very special and cherished!

Let me tell you something, the last Rachael Lane set of products I received were a dream! You can watch the stash I received here Rachael Lane Unboxing

5. Sunnies from Saltwater and SunFactory

These ever ready, fun and flirty, bold and chic sunglasses for both men and women, available at Saltwater, are the perfect gifts! And you can never have too many for as long as the sun shines!

My personal faves are from Foster Grant, but Saltwater and Sunfactory provide a vast array to choose the perfect fit for your special person!

6. Resin Coasters or Jewellery from Indigo Nanoon

These beautiful jewellery pieces and coasters are hand crafted by the artist and make unique custom gift ideas for the person you wants to feel special!

Inspired by the fancies of nature and life, these ideals are captured in molded art pieces that will definitely adorn wherever they are placed.

Beautiful, purposeful and don’t break the bank!

7. Tea Boxes and Coasters from Creole Jamaica

For your tea drinkers, we give you tea boxes, mugs and all the wares you would need, so they can enjoy their cup of tea! And there are items for both male and female tea drinkers!

8. Bookish Things from Bibliofancy

If your special gift receiver is a book reader, then Bibliofancy has the perfect gift ideas for you! From bookmarkers to sleeves to keep their favourite reads safe and snug, these locally made items are just the right items to keep those pages turning!

9. Stylish and Functional with CopperAndThread

Hand crafted, locally made and absolutely adorable! Add these items to any gift box for a truly unique curated gift!

10. Gift Certificate for Gas from Grab N Go

If the person you are thinking of has a car, they would most definitely appreciate one or a few of these under the tree!

11. Gift Boxes for Him and/or Her from BellaBear JM

Specially customized and curated boxes for both men and women with locally made items made the perfect gift. If this is the gift for your person, be sure to check them out!

12. Sunglasses by Timberwear Inc

From the bamboo and wood, these sunglasses are perfect for the guy or girl who loves earthen made chic fashion items. Each sunglasses can be personalized with a name of a message, so add that special touch and gift and make them smile this holiday season! And the boxes these come in are so darn chic!

And lastly, when all else fails…

13. $50 USD or higher Amazon Gift Card

This gift is for the person who you can’t quite figure out what they’d like. I’ve found myself stuck in this situation before, but guess what? We can’t deny the awesome convenience of Amazon can we?

Amazon sells ALMOST everything, so they’re bound to find something on there that they’ve been eyeing all year. We really do want to avoid gift cards and gift certificates, but they do have a place under the tree for the person who appreciates the sentiment.

Wrapping it up!

I do hope you find all your gifts in this blog post! These are gifts that I would personally want for myself and because I love quality, designed and well considered gifts, I know the people you are gifting this year, will more than appreciate them as well!

Until next time!

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  1. So many of these brands are new to me actually, and I thought I knew my fair share of local brands. Thanks for sharing! Brb, gone to check out a few. 🙂


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